Forklift Hire North East – Important Safety Rules For Forklift Hire

Are you considering hiring a forklift to lift, carry and move heavy objects around your warehouse/distribution centre in the North East? If yes, all workers involved in your forklift hire must know the safety guidelines for operating such heavy-duty equipment and have obtained the necessary training.

These rules and regulations are in place to make your working environment safer, not to complicate or obstruct your work. If the forklift is not operated responsibly, you run the risk of several accidents and injuries, some of which can be life-threatening.

Here are some fundamental safety rules for forklift hire in Newcastle that you should be aware of:

  • Make sure the forklift is only operated at a safe speed, especially in an enclosed place with a lot of tight corners. Operating the powered industrial truck at high speeds can cause the machine to tip over.
  • Never let anyone toy with or misuse the forklift hire—when the equipment is not needed, keep it turned off and make sure it is parked safely and out of the way.
  • Do not let anyone operate the forklift without wearing a seat belt.
  • Never use your forklift hire in Team Valley for anything other than what it was intended for, such as lifting and moving heavy objects.
  • Before loading an object onto the forklift, make sure that you correctly judge its weight and size, as trying to lift something too large or too heavy can cause the powered industrial truck to overturn.
  • Workers who have not worked with forklifts in a while should take a quick refresher training to ensure they are competent enough to operate the equipment safely.
  • If you need a specific job done with the forklift and do not have any workers who are familiar with this type of work, you should engage some trained forklift operators.
  • Ascertain that all workers required to operate the forklift have received the necessary training and qualifications. You will be held liable if it is found that unqualified people are operating the powered industrial truck.
  • Look for a forklift hire in Gateshead that has a safety cage to ensure your safety at all times. If the equipment flips over accidentally, this cage will protect the operator from suffering serious injuries. Safety cages can also protect workers from falling debris.
  • The forklift should also have built-in safety lights on the front and back to alert people.
  • Keep a record of any mishaps that occur with your forklift, whether they are the operator’s fault or the consequence of faulty equipment; the rental company may request a report.

Keep in mind that these safety rules are solely in place to safeguard everyone who works on or near forklifts from serious injury or even death.

Looking for Forklift Hire in the North East?

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