Forklift Hire in Gateshead – How to Prevent Forklift Accidents?

How to Prevent Forklift Accidents?

If you work in the construction, shipping, or general manufacturing industry or own an inventory
warehouse/distribution centre, you most likely rely on forklift hire in Gateshead and Newcastle to handle your
products in a faster and more efficient manner. Well, did you know that there are a plethora of things that can go
wrong while operating forklifts? Tip-overs and pedestrian collisions are all too common and can result in serious
injuries or even death. As a business owner, preventing such accidents should be your highest priority.
Most accidents involving forklifts are often caused by a lack of proper training and planning, negligence and non-
compliance with safety protocols. Fortunately, these problems can be quickly addressed and avoided. Here are some
preventative measures that you should take to prevent forklift accidents at your business.

Proper maintenance of forklift trucks

Forklift truck maintenance is critical to their safety and performance. This means that regular forklift inspection is
not just a choice; it is your only option. Before you hire a forklift in Gateshead, you should thoroughly inspect the
machinery for signs of damage—leaks, cracks or any other visible defect, including hydraulic hoses and mast chains.
If you find any problems that might lead to serious problems down the road, you should call a forklift repairs
professional. Since most forklift accidents are caused by unforeseen breakdowns, a regular inspection can help you
effectively eliminate (or at the very least, significantly reduce) forklift accidents.

Adequate training of forklift operators

Another leading cause of forklift accidents is a lack of adequate knowledge, proper certification, and training. You
must understand that adequate training is the only conduit to a successful forklift operation. Forklifts can be very
dangerous, and when they are turned over to an untrained and inexperienced operator, the damage is pretty much
inevitable. Therefore, you should make it a point to provide proper safety training to your forklift operators. Formal
instructions, demonstrations, and practical drills should all be a part of this training. Only after one has
demonstrated competence in operating a forklift should they be granted a license to operate a forklift.

Organized warehouses

In addition to operators, other workers can play a role in preventing forklift accidents. They can help with
warehouse cleaning and organization; a cleaner warehouse is a safer warehouse. When a forklift encounters an
obstacle, the operator may make involuntary movements that can lead to serious damage. However, if the lanes are
clear and well-lit, the operator will be able to complete their task successfully.

Installing safety mechanisms

If you are thinking of hiring a forklift in Newcastle, you should put some safety measures in place at the worksite.
You should also ensure that the service provider that rents out forklifts to you equips their machines with safety
features. The aisles of the warehouse should be wider to accommodate both trucks and pedestrians, and the forklifts
themselves should have built-in safety lights on the front and back to alert people that they are approaching.
With all of these preventative measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of forklift accidents. And if you need to
hire forklifts in the North East, you can count on Newcastle Forklifts. Call us at 0191 3400125 or contact us
—we are happy to assist you with any questions about our forklift hire in Gateshead and North East area.

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