Different Types and Uses of Forklifts – Forklift Hire in the North East

When it comes to forklifts, there is a myriad of options to choose from. That can make choosing the best forklift for
your needs and specifications a bit daunting. So, if you are looking for forklift hire in the North East, Team Valley, Gateshead, you
should be familiar with the different types of forklifts and what they are best suited to. This knowledge will ensure
that you invest in the right type of powered industrial truck. The various types of forklifts include:

Counterbalance forklifts

As the name implies, counterbalance forklifts are weighted in the back to counterbalance the load lifted by their
front forks. They have protruding forks that move up and down to lift objects. Counterbalance forklifts are available
in a variety of sizes and can lift anywhere from 1 to 25 tonnes. 3-wheeled forklifts are ideal for manoeuvrability,
whereas 4-wheeled trucks are ideal for stability. These powered industrial trucks are relatively inexpensive and
provide higher efficiency at low operating costs. Counterbalance forklifts are most frequently used to load and
unload shipping containers and store goods in higher racks.

Hand pallet forklifts

When it comes to material handling, hand pallet forklifts reign supreme. These trucks have no engines and are
manually operated; the forks slide underneath a pallet, and a hand-operated hydraulic jack is used to lift the load.
They are well-known for their manoeuvrability and are well suited for lifting lighter loads (up to 5 tonnes). Hand
pallet forklifts are most frequently used in warehouses for the frictionless movement of pallets. If you are looking
for forklift hire in the North East and want efficient ground-level movements of pallets, this is what you need.

Powered pallet forklifts

When it comes to their operation, powered pallet forklifts are remarkably similar to hand pallet trucks in that their
forks slide under a pallet to lift it. The primary distinction between the two is that the powered pallet forklifts are
powered by an electric motor; to lift the pallet, the operator simply presses a button. Powered pallet forklifts work
best on smoother surfaces and in indoor warehouses. Their selling point is that they can efficiently handle taller
pallets and load and unload ramped lorries.

Reach forklifts

The name gives away the function yet again. Reach forklifts are used in high-reach areas. These electric-powered
trucks can lift heavy loads and manoeuvre through narrow aisles with ease. A tight working environment and reach
forklifts make the best pair. If you have a small but tall warehouse, then this industrial truck should be perfect for

Rough terrain forklifts

Rough terrain forklifts are most frequently used in outdoor construction projects as they have inflatable and well-
gripped tyres that allow stability on an uneven and rugged surface. These trucks are also equipped with a powerful
engine, allowing them to move heavy loads at higher speeds. Rough terrain forklifts can work flawlessly and hold
loads with ease in any weather.

If you are looking for the best forklift for your needs and specifications, reach out to Newcastle Forklifts today. Be it
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