5 Common Forklift Problems – Forklift Hire in the North East

Forklifts have become an essential piece of equipment for any industrial or manufacturing business. This powered industrial truck has a laundry list of advantages (which explains why forklift hire in the North East is booming), but it also has some downsides. If a forklift is not well maintained, it may break down due to normal “wear and tear,” causing delivery delays and serious injuries.

If you are considering forklift hire in Gateshead, here are some of the most common forklift problems you should be aware of:

Mast or Lift Issues

The mast is the forklift’s lifting mechanism. If the forklift is not lifting, lowering or tilting smoothly, or if it is doing so in an erratic manner, this could signal problems with the hydraulic system. In case of a malfunctioning hydraulic system, it is recommended that the leaking cylinder be fixed. The defective forklift parts—such as the oil filter and oil seals—should also be replaced immediately.

Faulty Steering

There are many reasons why the forklift steering may not function properly. Low levels of steering fluid transmission, for example, can cause the steering wheel to fail to transmit directional changes quickly enough. Check the levels of steering fluid transmission and refill as needed. Another reason is that the forklift’s gears have worn out—a problem that necessitates professional service and repairs.

Engine Overheating

A broken radiator or a radiator blockage is one of the most common causes of engine overheating. Dirt and debris will accumulate inside the radiator over time, clogging the ports and causing overheating. Examine the radiator ports for caked dirt or debris—if you found any, gently clean it with fresh water, taking care not to damage the radiator fins. If the same issue persists after cleaning, this could indicate corrosion in the radiator preventing water or coolant from circulating. Call in a professional to repair or replace the radiator.

Worn-out Tyres and Suspension

In the manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing industries, a forklift is used daily and carries heavy loads, putting stress on the tyres and suspension systems and gradually wearing them out. To ensure traction and forklift handling stability, replace any worn-out tyres or suspension systems.

Starting Issues

This could be due to one of two issues—the forklift has run out of gas, or there is an electrical issue. If the forklift has run out of gas, simply top it off or have the carburettor replaced if it has one. If it is an electrical issue, you should first check the forklift’s battery to ensure it is properly connected and that there is no corrosion on the terminals or casing. If the forklift still has starting issues, get it professionally checked and serviced.

Keeping a close eye on these problems can save you a great deal of money by preventing untimely repairs or replacements as well as payouts for worker injuries. However, if you go for forklift hire in Team Valley, you do not have to concern yourself with your forklift maintenance and repairs.

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